Thanks for visiting the Jewish Canadian Athletes Hall of Fame.

This blog is inspired by the great Bill Simmons, “The Sports Guy.” Bill Simmons is a writer for ESPN who, besides being incredibly funny and witty, often spends articles responding to readers’ emails. One such email exchange occurred on Valentines Day:

Q: I grew up a Jewish Canadian kid. There are no sports heroes for Jewish Canadian kids. We have some American Jews (Shawn Green, Jay Fiedler, 2/3 of the Red Sox infield) and some Canadians (Nash, Morneau, the NHL) but I don’t remember a successful Jewish Canadian athlete. The closest we ever had was Mathieu Schneider of the Montreal Canadians (who sounded Jewish but turned out to be neither Jewish nor Canadian — his dad was Jewish and he grew up in the U.S.). That sucked. Anyway, Dan Shulman = Jew from Toronto. Love him. Thanks for giving him the props he deserves. We can all dream.
–Andy K., Toronto

SG: I just hope that e-mail inspires someone to launch a blog devoted to the greatest Jewish Canadian sports figures of all time.

Andy K., you have inspired me. I am neither Jewish nor Canadian, but I AM here to remedy this deplorable lack of information. Without further adieu, I present the Hall of Fame.